Medsmart Meds & Pill Reminder App

Medsmart make it easier to take control of your medicines! Manage your medicines by finding and scanning the barcode on the medicine pack, set up smart reminders for when you need to take your medicines and share your medicine cabinet with yourself or others. Medsmart will log if you have taken your medicines and can allow you to keep a record of this with you at all times. You can also find trusted information about your medicines and link it to your health condition. The more information you provide for your profile, medicines and health conditions, the more Medsmart can help you take control of your medicines and your health!

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Medsmart’s new ‘share’ function means you can now send a snapshot of your entire medicine cabinet (or the medicine cabinet of someone you care for), enabling quick insight into the medication you are taking! Great for situations where you may need to share medicine with others (e.g. changing doctors; receiving medical treatment on holiday abroad), or simply to keep recorded on your personal files!



Save all your medicines to your personal medicine cabinet.


Explaining how your medicine works and how to take it.


Unlock information about the medicine’s ingredients, side effects and interactions.


Use our quick and easy smart reminders to help you stay on course with your medicines.

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