Working With The Stroke Association
March 29, 2018
stroke association

The Stroke Association are helping us to reach out to people affected by stroke. Find out why and how you can help:

Are you one of the 1.2 million stroke survivors living in the UK? Do you care for someone who has been affected by stroke? If so, we want to hear from you!

What We Want!

We want to get feedback from stroke survivors and caregivers about using Medsmart®. Why? Because doing this helps us make sure we’re helping you as best we can. (Your very important to us!)

To help us do this, The Stroke Association have provided information about how you can give your feedback via My Stroke Guide. To get involved, simply sign up – it’s that easy!

You can find a range of helpful information about dealing with the effects of stroke whilst using the guide, including videos and information for your family and friends. The guide also provides a peer-support community and helps you find support groups in your local area.

Who Are The Stroke Association?

The Stroke Association are a charity which has a mission, “…to prevent strokes and achieve life after stroke through providing services, campaigning, education and research” (The Stroke Association, 2018). They offer a range of information and services to people who’ve survived stroke and for caregivers.

Want To Know More?

Visit The Stroke Association website for advice and support for stroke survivors and caregivers.

Thanks for reading! For more health and medicine blogs, visit our community page here. 

The Medsmart® Team

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