Join Our Male Hair Loss Squad
October 8, 2018

An online community to chat to others using hair loss treatments and stay updated.

At Medsmart® we believe in data for good and being very open with you about how we use data.  We’d like your voice to be heard & for others to be able to benefit from the way in which you take your medicines. We’re interested in understanding how male hair loss medicines are used in the real world by people like you.  By downloading Medsmart®, we protect your privacy by never passing on any identifiable data or passing your details to 3rd parties.

Who’s It For?

If you’re a man and currently using hair loss shampoo or medication, such as Proscar or Propecia, we’d love you to join our private Facebook group which we’ve set up specifically for male hair loss. (Please note: you must be +16 years old to join)

Why Should I Join?

By joining the group, you’ll be part of our online community of Medsmart® users who take similar medication. You’ll be able to share your comments and feedback about your medication, condition, and related topics which might help you and others in the group.

From time to time, we’ll be posting surveys relating to your medication and ask you to fill these out to help us listen to your views. You don’t have to answer these, and any answers you do give will be completely anonymous.

(Please note: We do not provide medical advice through Medsmart® or on social media sites like Facebook. If you require medical attention, please contact your healthcare provider for advice)

How Do I Join?

To become part of the group, join us here.

If you haven’t downloaded Medsmart® yet, remember it’s completely free to use. We’ve designed Medsmart® to help make it easier to manage your medicine with simple, discrete reminders and tracking so you know what doses you’ve taken. (So, what are you waiting for?!)

Get downloading and have your voice heard!

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