About your data

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We take great care of your data and we believe that data can be used for good to drive more effective use of medicines. It is important to us that those in the healthcare system listen to how real people like you use medicines in the real world.

There is a lot of information to take in when sitting with your GP, Consultant or Healthcare Professional teams and Medsmart is a simple, trusted place for you to save details of the medicines you buy and are prescribed in the one place. We have called this your ‘Medicine Cabinet’ within Medsmart.

It is important to us that we start to educate people about why and when to take their medicines as not all medicines have the same benefits. What we mean by this is that you may not understand why you are taking a medicine or a medicine may not make you feel better if you are not taking it at the right time or the right dose or you may be taking other medicines that affect the way the medicine works.

The information that is collected from you through our Medsmart product is useful to help others. We only share patterns of information on how medicines are taken and the way in which we do this is by collating and anonymising the data we collect. We analyse the anonymised data to identify patterns of behaviour so that we can help to inform the development of medicines, how medicine are marketed and made available closing the loop between government, healthcare professional bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and you as the person using the medicine in the real world. From our view, those that are taking medicines are at the centre and through our Medsmart product we hope this helps you to be more informed and have a stronger voice when it comes to managing your medicines. We can use data for good to help understand what happens in the real world to help others in the future.

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