About our Medsmart® App

Medsmart® App

Medicine Cabinet

Keep a digital log of all your medicines in the medicine cabinet and share it with others using the share button. All you have to do is scan the barcode of your medicine pack.

Smart Reminders

Get notifications when it is time to take your medicines, even when your phone is offline! Log them as taken, skipped or rescheduled and group them in the timeline.

Medicine Log

Keep forgetting if you took the medicine or not? Medsmart® has you covered, keep a log of the time and date you took your medicine to avoid taking it again.

Multiple Profiles

Use multiple profiles to organise the medicines of others you care about. Simply scan the barcode and assign them to a new profile.

Medicine Ingredients

Medsmart® shows the ingredients of the medicine you have scanned so you can avoid taking something you may be intolerant to or do not wish to consume for dietary reasons.

How To Use Your Medicines

Part of making sure you take your medicines is knowing how to take it correctly. Unsure how to use your inhaler? Check out our handy video on how to use it!


Medsmart® is an online service which provides post-prescription patient support. Talking Medicines only provides general information about post prescription medication. Talking Medicines does not provide medical advice. The information provided through the service does not replace advice obtained from a qualified healthcare professional.