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Patient insights data is of high value as times are changing within the Pharmaceutical Sector. By understanding who is actually taking the medicines that are being developed and how they are being taken in the real world helps marketing teams to connect with their patients, listen to them and add value in their marketing communications and negotiations for listings.

Medsmart qualitative data ranges across a number of acute and chronic medicines and therapeutic areas anchored in the curated data base of 24,000 medicines that can be auto scanned into the Medsmart consumer tool.

The key commercial data reports are:
A. Persona data – what type of people are actually taking their medicines,
B. Competitive set data – where they sit within the competitive set
C. Patient medicine pathway/co-meds data – the combination or over the counter and prescription medicines cohorts of health consumers are taking.
D. Deeper dive data analysis is available on a customer specific basis to uncover behaviour and answer a specific questions and challenges.

Gain access to our Medsmart real world data on medicine usage by dropping us a line or call us on 0141 352 98 55

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