Data for Good

Data for Good at Medsmart®


We believe that the data that we collect about how people use their medicines can be used for good. More specifically, it can contribute to the wider ideal of making medicines more effective. It is important to us that those in the healthcare system listen to how people like you use your medicines in the real world. With this in mind, we act as that channel between you and your wider healthcare system.


It is important to us that you understand what data is collected from the Medsmart® community.  The Talking Medicines data services, that structure data from our patient data collection tools that include the Medsmart® App and Surveys, uses no personal, identifiable information. The App collects data from individuals and subsequently encrypts and aggregates this data. The information that you see in our terms and conditions is printed below, please get in contact if you would like to know more. [email protected]