Volunteer opportunity: IBS clinical trial

Medsmart® has collaborated with Sano to bring you the opportunity to take part in clinical trials, in an attempt to further the future development of possible treatments for a variety of conditions, we are giving YOU the opportunity to help yourself and others that suffer from your condition.


Are you part of the 1 in 10 people diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome?

In order to advance research into IBS, we’ve partnered with Sano who have a new investigational clinical trial opportunity researching a digital therapy for IBS. This trial uses a digital behavioral therapy approach instead of pills to help participants experience symptom relief.

You may qualify to take part if you:
– Are 18-70 years of age
– Have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome by a doctor
– Own and use a smartphone
– Are willing to consider a digital therapy
– Are not currently undergoing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or cognitive behavioural therapy, or other clinical trials for IBS
– Live in Illinois, Minnesota, California, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, or California.

Interested? Sign up to Sano and answer a two-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify by clicking the button below

We collate data in a safe, ethical and compliance way is important to us. If you have any questions or are experience any problems please get in contact.

Many thanks,
Thomas at Medsmart®
[email protected]