Talking Medicines Limited, established in 2013

Data ethics, quality and security are paramount for us at Talking Medicines. We strive to carry out all activities to the highest possible ethical standards. We set high standards for the collection, processing and display of medicines data and have measures in place to monitor and improve on these standards.


Care is taken for who and how we engage with individuals. Our vision is to improve the effectiveness of medicines globally. We do this by focusing on the individual’s needs, gathering detailed insights on how people are taking a medicine and signposting individuals of opportunities to take part in studies to play a role in understanding possible causes and potential treatment of specific diseases.


We acknowledge the rights of all of our Medsmart® users and follow the ethical protocols outline below:


  • We support studies that provide benefit to people at an individual level, that leads to supporting groups of individuals across society


  • Individuals are invited to take part in studies


  • Prior to a study starting consent from individuals is required


  • Regular sharing and transparency of studies undertaken


  • Strick confidentiality is adhered to with no names of individuals being shared


  • We comply with GDPR and openly share our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy on our websites



Jo Halliday,

CEO of Talking Medicines